The sweetened condensed version of the whole.

I am a daughter, sister, auntie, friend. I’m a Lover. A Bookworm. Forever curious. I like where I sit on the balance between wanderlusting and sick for home. I’m constantly feeling out for that place between the peace that comes with contentment and the healthy, ambitious striving that comes with discontent. Life isn’t life without good quality chocolate. Sleep! first and forever for good health. Untamed space and clean air are the panacea for most of my troubles; those two things or a snack and a nap.  Above all else, and at the end of all my learning and experience, my faith in God is fierce. God is LOVE and LOVE is my religion. The cosmos fascinate me, though I don’t know a whole lot about them. My tremendously missed and adored Polish grandpa was an astronomer/chemist and knew all of the things. I just observe and wonder about all of the things.  I’m wild about peanut butter, but I’m slightly allergic. This makes for a bit of an uncomfortable affair. MUSIC. I have very few absolutes in life as I find them dangerous; however, music is an absolute. Life must have a soundtrack. Yoga is a big portion of my physical, mental and spiritual practice. I love food. I love healthy food, but the nitty gritty of nutrition is boring to me. Eat the things that make you feel healthy and happy. That’s my nutrition advice.

Truth is everywhere and I believe that love, in time, heals everything. 

Eden, UT 84310, USA

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