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The Juicy Human Defined

January 30, 2016



Well, here you are, reading The Juicy Human blog’s first post, and I thank you in advance for taking a chance on a girl in progress. If there’s one thing I can always count on and hope to be is in a constant state of progression. Stagnation is such a bore, and I am far from boring.

The Juicy Human is an elegant science experiment with myself as the one in the Petri dish, and like any good science experiment it all starts with a good question: What is a Juicy Human? I’ve been sitting with that for a long time now, and here is what I’ve come up with:

Juicy Humans are actively engaged in the process of becoming something more than what we have been (more of the good things, rather). We take the time to paint a clear picture of what our bright futures hold and make decisions that draw us ever closer to reaching them. We are compassionate, kind, happy, curious, spiritual, energetic, grateful, passionate and deeply loving of ourselves and others. We are not cookie cutter. We are memorable in the best sense of the word. Every situation, person, place or thing is better having connected with us. We are not governed by fear but are courageous in standing up for who we are and what we believe in. Last, but certainly not least, we live in the present moment which enables us to call out the creativity that lives in each one of us.

If this is our definition then the next question for me is, How do I become one of those things? Sheesha…The first question was much easier, but I have some ideas for this one. When it comes to making personal transformations, a huge amount of patience is for sure necessary. So, patience is first. A close look at yourself with nonjudgmental awareness is second, yeah? Follow that up with lots and lots of self-love and care, and finally, persistent action. How is all of that feeling? It feels good to me.  It’s easy to write that stuff out, but the actual execution is something different, I imagine. This isn’t my first rodeo with self-improvement, but it’s definitely the most intense one. And the most public. Which is terrifying. Ha!

So, uh…Let the science project to conquer all Science Fair projects commence!

What you can expect from these posts are bits and pieces of everything I’m passionate about: relationships, food, yoga, meditation, self-development, traveling, music, spirituality, self-care, people, books…and all the while trying to prevent too much narcissism from creeping in. Because who enjoys a narcissist? (Weeeell, sometimes I do. Depending on the eyebrow raising, sensational content of their lives. Hehe… Just being honest.)


Juicy Jam Sessions (Expect these. I can’t help myself. I always have a new favorite tune spinning through my hemispheres): Florida by The Range. Thank you, Pitchfork.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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