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Toni Braxton in the Morning

February 4, 2016

(Never taken one of these hand heart pics before. Mom had to help me.)



Today could not have started better. Could. Not. Have. All except waking up in the 5s for work of course (Mankind was not intended to wake up in the 5s. Not for anything. Nothing good happens in the 5s). This morning was one of those mornings I won’t soon forget.

I rolled into my first patient’s room bright and early (I’m a cardiac ultrasound tech), introduced myself to this adorable, tiny, super frail woman laying in bed, explained to her what was about to happen and I got going with my exam. As I pressed my ultrasound probe to her rib cage to see her heart she literally started writhing from the pain of it. Not typical. Echos (the name of my exam) are one the easiest, most pain free, non-invasive, relatively quick exams for the patient out there. I felt awful…and she was crying….and there wasn’t a lot I could do about it.

In steps her nurse. We will call him Dave. That’s not his real name if you catch my drift.  Today was my first encounter with Dave and he was the coolest! He offered our patient his hand to squeeze and started gently talking to her. I’m her worst enemy in this moment and he is Mother Theresa. Great…I felt like poop. But Dave is funny and charismatic and she is loving him. I’m so grateful that he’s there to ease this situation. This is where it gets good. He suggests that I sing her a song to make her feel better. Uh…It’s 7am and I’m still feeling like a mama bear who has been rousted out of hibernation too early and I’m not feeling inspired to serenade. So Dave says, “Well, let’s see…Let me think of some songs about hearts. What’s that one…” and he softly starts singing/mumbling Toni Braxton. “Un-break my heart…Say you love me again…” but Dave looks more like a Metallica fan and doesn’t quite know the words to this song, which is making it extra funny. But our sweet little patient who is in her 80s totally knows Toni! And starts singing along! And suggesting other “heart” themed songs to sing. Next thing I know, I’m joining in on these love ballads. We laughed and laughed and the patient turned into a little love puddle, I finished my exam, wanted to stay and sing (Who can work when there are love ballads to be sung?!) but had to be off to do what I’m paid to do (Darn it that I’m not paid to sing love ballads…), and Dave continues on with being awesome and cool and I’m jealous that our patient gets to hang out with him all day.

But that’s not the end of this story! As I’m driving home to the Valley-O I’m listening to my beastly big “Liked From Radio” playlist on Spotify and what song should randomly come on?! You guessed it. Toni. And then I started to cry. Because it was all just too good and crying while singing ‘Un-Break My Heart’ at full vocals feels like the right thing to do.


Juicy Jam Session: Juuuust do it… You know you want to. Blast that ballad in your car and sing like you get paid to do it! Un-Break My Heart by Toni Braxton.



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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