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A Completely Self-Indulgent Post

February 9, 2016

Before I dive into this post… I don’t know why I do the things I do when nobody is watching. I was really rocking out the other day and the thought came to me that I hadn’t tried head banging in like, decades. So I went ahead and banged away. Hopefully it LOOKED like it was worth the experience because it hurt like heck. My frontal and occipital lobes were freaking out. You probably shouldn’t head bang past the age of, I don’t know…whenever it is that you turn into something more substantial than just adipose tissue and cartilage…


In other musical news…


You know those “Purchased” or “Liked From Radio” playlists on your Apple and Spotify accounts that you’ve been slowly downloading songs to over the years? Do you ever look at these playlists as your life in musical review? Sometimes I wax nostalgic and go back to relive what was happening to me when I downloaded a particular song or album. That whole period of time and the emotions I was living in seem to wake up, shake off and swallow me for awhile. Some of the reliving is sweet and I want to stay swallowed and some is stingy and hurty and it feels like my heart has been chucked into that potato slicer thing at In-N-Out Burger.  WHAMMO! Heartbreak hotel all over again. We try not to venture into Potato Slicer Land too often.






So, let’s wax nostalgic, shall we?  I love this game already! To give you a timeline, I started using Spotify in the fall of 2014. That’s where this playlist begins. Are you ready? Here we go…And don’t be afraid to share one of your own!  Music suggestions and any real life, human content attached to them are always endearing to me and have my undivided attention.

  1. Magic by Coldplay. It was the end of August 2014 and I was visiting my friends in Seattle, Washington. We had gone to dinner and typically enough I was in desperate need of ice cream.  I was handed off to another vehicle filled mostly with people I’d only just met on a Ferris Wheel. We zipped around the streets of downtown Seattle hunting for ice cream. This song was playing off of someone’s iPod and I fell in love right away. We found just the place to satisfy our treat cravings and then we parallel parked in a spot so tiny that my palms were sweating. Oh, the things you remember… It was a great day and a great trip with the best of friends.

  2. Uh… I’m only just realizing that one of my songs has COMPLETELY disappeared from Spotify! I know just where it was on my playlist and it’s gone! Not to be found except on YouTube! How can they do that?! I’m still sharing it… I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bon Iver (A cover from Bonnie Raitt…listen to her version too. It’s the better version anyway. Mmmm… Bonnie. I love you.). I heard this for the first time laying on a hotel bed in Kathmandu, Nepal. This song came streaming through my phone which was far away by the windows where the only weak whiff of WiFi existed so I jumped up out of bed, ran over and thumb’d up that sucker before it got away. There are more memories associated with this song, but, as you can imagine by the content, I can’t even…The tenderest places in my heart…

  3. Halloween 2014… I’m with the family, we’re being crazy, freezing our bum cheeks off in Huntsville in the back of a trailer full of princesses, witches, ninjas, a clown and a vampire maybe? It’s hard to keep the years and costumes straight.  Anyway, our last stop was the big house by the lake with the hedge maze. After the hedge maze house we disbanded, completely hopped up on big sugar and went our own spooky ways for the evening. My sister called me shortly after to see if I’d go back to that house to find my nephew’s candy bag “It looks like a ghost…” I was off on a “mule” (Mules are what our family calls errands we are sent on and do for each other because we love each other but would rather not do them. Mom is the queen of organizing mules, but she’s everyone’s favorite person in the family so we do them.)  Perfect Darkness by Fink. I pulled up to that house and lo and behold! What I thought was a fool’s errand turned me into the best aunt ever! The ghosty bag was found in the middle of the abandoned maze. I listened to this song on repeat all the way home.

  4. Run by George Strait. Springtime, 2015. I was riding shotgun to Ogden on a Papa Murphy’s, gluten-free, veggie combo pizza run with a boy I was dating. I’m not a big country fan, but this song… It came on and all of a sudden I just knew this boy had to be kissed right away. And I was going to be the one to kiss him. Because I like to kiss. And because I’m good at kissing. I just am. Hehe… I made him pull over by the Yacht Club posthaste for all the world to see (I’m kind of redneck like that). I unbuckled, leaned across the center console of his truck and handled the situation like a boss.

  5. One more… because this is starting to feel really self-indulgent. In November I found myself all by my lonesome checking into a grease monster, cheap as chips motel in Garberville, CA. I had been determined to see the Redwoods for quite some time. For the few days I was there I hardly met another soul in the town or in that misty old forest. I hadn’t experienced solitude quite like that before and it gave the whole trip a bass tone of eeriness. But man, what a place. Fairies MUST live in the Redwoods.  I’m sure I was always only microseconds away from catching them in action. I came rolling back into town one night after a magical, chilly, rainy kind of day in the forest and the last place I wanted to spend my time was in that dingy motel room. I ventured out on the town and found this coffee shop/restaurant called Habits. As I waited for what turned out to be the BEST Cobb salad of my life, this song came on. I was in heaven. My Only Swerving by El Ten Eleven. I can smell that coffee shop and taste my Cobb salad when I listen to this and I can see the most unusual crowd of people I shared space with that cold, rainy night. It was the kind of place that you wondered how such a motley and perfectly vibing crew ended up in the same place at the same time.  The town felt like a ghost town in so many ways, but then this place, the only warm, alive, on fire place on the tiny street and we all found each other.

Your turn! Do share….

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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