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[Close to] Midnight on the Mat

February 18, 2016

And you thought I wasn’t going to blog today… Well, I wasn’t! And time-zone-wise, technically I didn’t, but tonight happened and what the heck. I can sleep when I’m dead.


Remember back with me one week ago today when I somewhat smugly proclaimed my resolution for Lent? 30 minutes of yoga every day? No prob, Bob. Ha! Yeah, I remember that too.

On my drive home from work today  I was listening to this gal named Mel from a TEDx talk speak about what the problem with all of us is (Cheeky of her to think she knows.). She says that our problem is that when we figure out what it is that would really take us to the next level of the life we think we’d like to lead, we just don’t FEEL like taking that step. We don’t FEEL like stepping out of our comfort zones. So, we don’t.  Okay, Mel, you may be onto something. Coming back full circle to my yoga for Lent goal, I know that doing my best to practice every day is the fastest way to bring me closer to what it is I want to be with my practice. But does if follow that I’m going to FEEL like practicing every day?


Okay. Alright. Okay. I worked today from 6:30am-5:30pm. I drove 30 minutes to get to my home sweet home, watched cartoons with my nieces while we ate dinner on the floor, I put them in the tub, threw jammies on them, loaded them into my sister’s mini van (she and her hubby are in Hawaii), drove back to Ogden to drop them off for a cousin sleepover on a school night (very exciting…and driving the mini is also…very exciting…), I drove back home and as soon as I pulled into the driveway I was called back into work at the hospital. Arg! Nooooo!! So, back to Ogden I go. One exam turned into two which turned into three which turned into my blood about to boil and lots and lots of belly breathing. I finally finished and pulled into my driveway at 10:30pm. Boo Hoo for me. And guess who hadn’t practiced her yoga yet? “But, Mel, I don’t FEEEEEL like it! I feel like slinking into the warm darkness of my cozy bed.” But there was Mel in the back of my head telling me what my problem was. Uhg.


Walking up the steps to Madame La Guillotine couldn’t have been any more foreboding as crawling onto my yoga mat was at 10:45pm. But let it be known that I did it! I win all the money for Lent! I don’t actually think you can “win” at Lent or receive a check for accomplishing your Lenten goals, but it’s a nice idea.



My practice started out with a flowy, repetitive moon salutation I’ve been canoodling around with, then it turned into some familiar yin postures, then it morphed into some unfamiliar, rolling around on my back, beached octopus postures and ended with a bang in a weird savasana on my belly with my legs crossed and my hands in my pockets. And now I’m blogging about it. Why am I blogging about it at this hour?! I don’t know. Because I’m edgy like that I guess.


Do I need to sum up my point with all of this? I’m sure you get it, but sometimes when a girl commits to doing something it just feels hecka good to follow through. It wasn’t easy and if I hadn’t broadcasted my goal to you lovely readers then I probably would have been asleep an hour and a half ago. But I did broadcast it. And dang it if I’m not going to win! (…all the money for Lent…hehe…)


Please forgive my atrocious grammar. I have no brains left.


Juicy Jam Session: This was the song that happened to come up for my savasana tonight. When the Night Comes by Dan Auerbach.


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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