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San Diego Love, Yoga and Easter

March 29, 2016

Oh, hey there friends! So, I kinda forgot for a minute that I do this blog thing. Ha! For real though. And I only have an hour to bust this post out before my daughter duties have to kick in. If they don’t kick in I get kicked out of being a daughter. If you know what I mean.  I’m not sure my O.C.D. will allow for a hasty post, but here we go giving it the old college try.


Last weekend I road tripped out to San Diego to see one of my favorite girls get married to her favorite boy. It was such a magical wedding. Everything about it was beautiful, inspiring and just a plain old rockin’ good time. This couple…This wedding…It was the type that made me think that I should maybe have one and be one of those one day. Gosh, I love LOVE! And there was so much love to be had at this wedding. You could feel the tremendous amount of it that brought these two amazing people together and that continues to knit them together through their families and friends and the energy and effort that they put into continuing the growth of what they have created. It was seriously beautiful. I wish you could have seen it and felt it. Here’s just a little glimpse. This picture is the happy couple and me after dancing our faces off to the coolest band ever.


For some reason when I got home from this trip I forgot about all of my duties and goals for life and just ran wild, directionless and sleepless and forgot to be a good daughter, roommate, coworker and all of the other titles I hold. But I’ve sure had fun! Maybe it’s good to be irresponsible every once in awhile? Ha! I don’t know. This brings me to reporting my Lenten goals. Ahem… If you’ll remember that time I said something about 40 days of yoga for Lent? Well, I did a pretty good job! I think I practiced 33/40 days and I can’t be too sad about that. Two of those missed days I taught classes on Friday nights and when I went to sleep I realized that even though I taught I didn’t actually practice myself. Rah-Roh… And then the other 5 days were from this last week alone! Yipes!  It just didn’t seem to work it’s way into my schedule. I guess I could stretch my definition of yoga and count a few days in there, but I shan’t . My acute conscience won’t allow for much stretching.



A tiny word on this goal. I began it thinking that I wanted most of it to be a super strong, sweaty, amazing Ashtanga practice. I love me my Ashtanga. But about 2 weeks in my shoulder started being funny. Really, it was the funniest thing just clicking and popping and hurting and I was majorly bummed for how funny it was (It wasn’t that funny actually).  I don’t like to reroute my plans, but the goal had to go on and it was so dang good for me mentally to reroute. Sometimes I need physical reminders that I’m doing too much and I need to back off a bit. These reminders usually come in the form of a headache behind my right eyeball or that I’m crying over having to go get the mail or something equally strenuous.  Anyway, after the first two weeks of this Lenten

(Lolasana is a high and tight situation. Still working

on the highness and tightness. And hello, little deltoid!

I didn’t know I had you. Cool, Bro.)


challenge my practice had to shift from something I wanted it to be to something different and softer. Yin and Restore were my new friends. I did my first partial Ashtanga practice yesterday and my shoulder feels amazing! Yaaaay!!! I’m back on board with practicing everyday and being cool with the occasional day I miss. Alright. That’s my report. And for those of you who were in on the joke of winning “All the Lenten Cashola!!!”…  If anyone completed their Lenten goals perfectly, you get it all! It’s figurative cashola, but the pride of winning it is just as rewarding as if it were literal cashola. Hehehe…


I read so many tender posts this last Easter Sunday about gratitude for families, friends and for our Savior and His and one day our Resurrection. I just wanted to throw my testimony in here, though mine may not be as Easter themed.


My beautiful friend shared a YouTube a couple weeks ago that I have watched at least 10 times. It’s the most heavenly rendition of Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing /If You Could Hie to Kolob. These girls sound like angels. “Prone to wander, Lord I feel it…Prone to leave the God I love…”  I don’t know why I tend to stumble again and again into some of my weaker, more shadowy places when I have such a strong love for and testimony of what path brings me happiness. It frustrates me to no end. As much as I don’t like it, I tend to be someone who feels defeated easily. I wish I had more of an indomitable spirit. When I remind myself of my Savior, of the suffering and sacrifice I believe He made for each of us individually, I am filled with hope. My weaknesses have already been atoned for. The work is already done. I’m only asked to give my best. To be a better person today than I was yesterday. And if I’m not better than I was yesterday then I can try again tomorrow. And I am loved unconditionally. That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you for reading. I’m in crazy love with all of you. Every single one of you. I hope you had the happiest Easter Sunday!


Juicy Jam Session: Travel back with me to the wonderful and weird 90s with this one. My copilot from the San Diego road trip can sing the brains out of this song. It’s very adorable and VERY impressive to behold. Stay by Lisa Loeb.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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