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Sweet Basil and Watermelon Gatorade

June 30, 2016


Let’s just see how fast I can bust this post out.  There’s a thunder and lightning storm outside and I want to be in my bed with my window open listening to it and smelling it in less than an hour. Okay. Game face, Char-Char…

Drinks all around! Not really… Not in that way. In a Charlotte way! I just hope you’ll try this is all I’m sayin’.  I brewed this beauty up in a FLASH this afternoon. There I was in the kitchen throwing my swimsuit on, chopping watermelon up into the blender, slathering sunscreen all over my lily whiteness, squeeeeezing limes and lemons… Hat! Sunglasses! Check! Blend, blend, blend this all to oblivion and race out the door to be on time for a paddling date with one of my best girls. And I was right on time. Good job, me! So, anyway I didn’t measure anything. But measuring things is for suckas.  Just kidding. Measuring things often brings some really nice and lovely results.


Just a word on this beverage stuff. I’m a water drinking girl for sure. Like, almost 100%. And I want it Euro style, meaning room temperature for a less brain freeze guzzle. On the odd occasion that I do drink something else it will probably be some kind of juicy something. And on the “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” occasion I like Dr. Pepper. That happens about twice a year. What I’m getting at is I think pure, unadulterated H2O should be your drink of choice almost all of the time. That’s just what I think. If you care what I think. But let’s not be prudes. You should have a less of the time drink sometimes. That’s also what I think. This, less of the time beverage I brewed up today falls into the “juicy something” category. After today’s hot, sweaty, thirsty to-doings, it was the peeerfect thing!



I have this fuzzy memory of last summer eating a giant piece of watermelon outside on the back patio. We had a sad little basil plant from the grocery store planted in a pot sitting in the middle of the patio table. We probably said a prayer over it when we planted it, just for safety purposes. When plants live at my house it’s a minor miracle. The plant had a limp along kind of life and then died tragically and I threw it out into the field. Anyway, while it lived and while I was eating my watermelon I plucked a basil leaf off and popped it in my mouth.  (Seriously, fresh basil has got to be the most delicious herb.  The smell… The taste… Oh, goodness. Let’s put it in everything.) So, I still had some watermelon in my mouth as I chewed up the basil and… magic happened. My brother was sitting next to me (or maybe he was sitting next to me a week later) and I said something like, “Dude, you want to try something killer?”. The flavors are amazing together! At least I think so. And at least Matt said so. Or so he said. And I’ve wanted to do something about it for a long time. Today was the day!



I’m guessing on the proportions here…

2 cups coconut water

1 cup sweet sweet watermelon

Juice from ½ a lemon or lime

4 basil leaves

Pinch of sea salt


This isn’t a rise and shine, breakfast drink. Nope! Not unless you like to start your day with a sugar shot. Which… Let’s be honest. Sometimes I do. Because sugar is delicious. But I don’t recommend it here. That wouldn’t be very health coachy of me. So, for maximum pleasure, pretty please go on a really hot sweaty hike, or bike ride, or paddle on the lake, or something resembling a workout. THEN enjoy. Your gorgeous self will be aching for electrolytes and carbs, and this sweet and salty pink drink will deliver.

Loves to you all! Goodnight! Storm Chaser is signing off…


Juicy Jam Session: I feel like I drove back and forth from the lake today about 10 times. Just one of those days. I’ve been on an Alabama Shakes kick again and they were with me every mile. Gimme All Your Love. Good grief, woman! You rock.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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