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A Honey Face Mask Kind of Day!

February 22, 2016

If I can put skin care products on my face and eat them too then I’m a pretty happy girl! Put that on the record of stuff that I’ve said and meant. This little concoction I’ve been stirring up lately is just that kind of thing. Not only can I smear this honey goodness all over my face but I can lick my fingers when I’m done. Here’s what’s in it:


½ cup raw honey

½ cup organic turbinado sugar

5 drops lavender essential oil

5 drops tea tree (melaleuca) essential oil


And here’s what’s good about it:


Raw honey has mild antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are fantastic for blemish prevention. Get honey on your face whenever you can, okay?


I use turbinado sugar because this one time I was making a similar face scrub with one of my friends and this is what she used. She’s really smart and has REALLY beautiful skin so I feel like we can trust her. Turbinado sugar has a grittier texture for the exfoliating purposes of this mask and I know it hasn’t been processed as much as white sugar so that’s a good thing.


My sweet friend, Cassey, is a distributor for doTERRA. She’s super knowledgeable about the use of essential oils so I asked her about this to make sure I wasn’t leading you lovelies astray. Check out her Instagram account, @oilsmama. She shares all kinds of great tips for using oils safely and sensibly… which is the most important thing. “Lavender…soothes occasional skin irritations and reduces the appearance of skin imperfections. Melaleuca is renowned for its cleansing and rejuvenating effects on the skin. It’s also good for occasional skin irritations.” And the proportions we’re using? Good to go. Done and done! We’re doing good things here.


I use this mask almost every day and I try to leave it on for 20 minutes. Time is of the essence on mornings I work, but I still make it happen. I wake up, throw on a headband, mask up, and then I do my meditation while the mask works its sticky magic (Sometimes I sneak my tongue out for a sweet treat during my meditation…you know, just to sustain me. I don’t think there are any specific rules against that?). I’m always careful when I put this mask on and wash it off because of the gritty sugar. Be sweet with your skin. More exfoliation isn’t always better.


The most important thing with anything you put in or on your body is to remember that not everything works for everybody. These ingredients are pretty mild so you should be fine, but of course go with what feels right. When I first made this I added jojoba oil which is great because it’s really close to the naturally produced sebum of your skin, but my skin is super sensitive to oil and I turned into one big case of dermatitis which I usually do if I put ANY oil on my face. So, I steer clear. But don’t let that scare you away from adding oil. The long and short of it is you should use your product making intuition. Follow your heart. Take stuff out, add stuff to… Make it your own.


And that’s about all I have to say about honey face masks on a Monday! I hope you give it a try because I’m either getting out of control with my blush lately or this stuff really is working because I feel pretty glowy!


(My niece just looked at this picture of me all masked up and said, “Who is THAT?!” I timidly responded, “Me…” then she said,”Haha..why?”. She’s 5 and very very sassy. I thought to myself, “I don’t know, Scar. I don’t know.” Selfies have got to be the single most awkward experience of this century.)



Juicy Jam Session: Blowin’ in the Wind by Bob Dylan. Dedicated to yet another late night yoga sesh. This time it was a yoga/apple slices/picnic party with a friend. Nothing like munching on apples between postures. My yoga teacher used to say, “It’s just yoga.” As in, don’t take it too seriously. Well, my teacher who I love and miss, I listened! I love you!


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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